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In general, the pathology department is only imagined as a department diagnosed through a microscope. However, the pathology department has one of the most comprehensive laboratory workflows within the healthcare system. Let's take a closer look at this department.

It allows you to manage the entire workflow via barcode printer, sample numbers, and barcode numbers. It has its own screens, which means that each user has his/her own screen based on his/her role within the team for efficient laboratory management. There are easy progression and confirmation buttons at each stage to prevent disruption of workflow. In this way, a fast and dynamic workflow is provided.  Virasoft's workflow solution allows you to monitor every process, it also immediately warns the laboratory manager about the time and failures related to the relevant fields.

The Alert System immediately notifies the expert if the defined time for reporting a case is exceeded or when an urgent case is entered into the system.

We know that you do not want to use different applications that do not communicate with each other. Therefore, we offer you the ViraPIS thanks to which you can monitor the entire digital pathology workflow with a user-friendly interface on a single application screen. Anatomical pathology and digital pathology workflows are integrated within the system.

Our ViraPIS Business Intelligence Solution, which is developed by our experienced engineers in collaboration with dozens of pathologists, provides analysis and performance statistics to the experts over the completed jobs. ViraPIS stores every information related to any case in detail, such as the time to complete the preparation of the material, which technician completed which step at what time of the day. In this way, phycisians can plan their days, weeks, and even months prospectively for their cases.

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