Telepathology Mobile

Sharing your glass slides has never been easier.

Discuss your cases with pathologists from all over the world with your mobile.

The Telepathology Mobile System includes an apparatus that connects the microscope and your personal phone, and a mobile and web application that enables you to manage your consultation processes. In this way, you can consult your microscopic cases with your phone and save them in the system without the need for expensive scanning devices.

By connecting microscope to your personal phone, you can instantly conduct consultations.

Save your biopsy data on your personal phone without loss or slippage.

Hold live interviews with up to 5 people in your consultation group.

With the Mobile App, save your cases to the telepathology mobile system and send them to the people you want at any time.

Kind words from medical proffesions

Thanks to the telepathology mobile system, we accelerated the communication between our institutions. We can consult our cases with the possibility of regional digitization regardless of scanner devices. Thanks to this advantage, we can reach our consultations whenever we want from our personal phones.

Prof. Dr. Ümit İnce

I use the Telepathology mobile system to record and evaluate my cases. Thanks to this system, I can save my cases for later evaluation and share them with other experts via mobile whenever I want.

Fatma Tokat

In our frozen processes, we continue with telepathology mobile system without loss of time. This situation not only organizes our workflows but also enables our patients to intervene earlier.

Cavit Kerem Kayhan, Biologist

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What is the Telepathology Mobile System?
How to use the attachment?
Real-time Telepathology Mobile System User Experience


Real-time frozen consultations

Get second opinion from an expert for frozens with your own mobile and microscope. No expensive equipment required.

Easy share/access anytime-anywhere

IOS/Android competible. Secure login to your account from your mobile, tablet or computer and share your cases with experts.

Digitize & archive your pathology cases

Take photos directly from the microscope with your mobile and create databases from them for educational and scientific studies.

Minimize your risks against COVID-19

Stay healthy and safe. Manage your cases and reports remotely, even when you're not in the hospital or lab

We know how challenging it is to take the picture of those cells through an eyepiece. Searching for an easy-to-use and compatible phone adapter for your microscope doesn't make your job easier either. With a 3D-printed mobile phone adapter that is exclusively designed for all types of microscopes and a mobile application, TelePath makes obtaining an expert second opinion with your phone a piece of cake.

Get ready for the innovation which is called TelePathology Mobile System (TelePath) by Virasoft Inc. Now you can make real-time case consultations with your colleagues at the comfort of your home!

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