Sharing your glass slides has never been easier.

Discuss your cases with pathologists from all over the world with your mobile.

Real-time frozen consultations

Get second opinion from an expert for frozens with your own mobile and microscope. No expensive equipment required.

Easy share/access anytime-anywhere

IOS/Android competible. Secure login to your account from your mobile, tablet or computer and share your cases with experts.

Digitize & archive your pathology cases

Take photos directly from the microscope with your mobile and create databases from them for educational and scientific studies.

Minimize your risks against COVID-19

Stay healthy and safe. Manage your cases and reports remotely, even when you're not in the hospital or lab

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What is the Telepathology Mobile System?
How to use the attachment?

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Since 2015 we continue, to develope our digital pathology system, which connects all our laboratories and provides management of workflow, by creating our international consultation network and using artificial intelligence in diagnostic processes.

Prof. Dr. Ümit İnce

The breast cancer model for Nottingham grading that we developed with Virasoft will soon be able to give histologic score for my cases.

Dr. Fatma Tokat, Pathology Expert

As a biologist who uses digital pathology, I think that digital pathology is an integrated system that provides fast and objective evaluation of the digital slides, as well as providing easy, comfortable and quick access to cases, regardless of location and time.

Cavit Kerem Kayhan, Biologist


We know how challenging it is to take the picture of those cells through an eyepiece. Searching for an easy-to-use and compatible phone adapter for your microscope doesn't make your job easier either. With a 3D-printed mobile phone adapter that is exclusively designed for all types of microscopes and a mobile application, TelePath makes obtaining an expert second opinion with your phone a piece of cake.

Get ready for the innovation which is called TelePathology Mobile System (TelePath) by Virasoft Inc. Now you can make real-time case consultations with your colleagues at the comfort of your home!

Stay healthy and safe. Being in a crowded environment such as hospitals these days, where we live the Covid-19 pandemic, poses a risk to healthcare professionals

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Beginner Pack


• Photo Capture Annotation

• Licence for 1 User / year

• Mobile/microscope adaptor

• 5 GB storage cloud for archive

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Expert Pack


• Photo Capture Annotation

• Licence for 2 Users / year

• Mobile/microscope adaptor

• 10 GB storage cloud for archive

• Video recording with annotation

• Up to 5 students free (code)

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Pro Pack

$899 $1299

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• Photo Capture Annotation

• Licence for 5 Users / year

• Mobile/microscope adaptor

• 50 GB storage cloud for archive

• Video recording with annotation

• Up to 20 students free (code)

• Realtime consultation (voice and slide)

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