About Us


Our purpose is to use digital technologies and artificial intelligence to touch as many cancer patients’ lives as possible by supporting pathologists to sign out more accurate and timely pathology reports while working in more efficient anatomic pathology workflows.

Our vision is a world where cancer patients, regardless of location, can benefit from timely and accurate diagnoses enhanced by artificial intelligence and, with the help of telepathology, can access the best pathology expertise available globally. 

Virasoft's current mission towards our shared vision is to develop, together with pathologists, world-class digital and artificial intelligence solutions that will make pathologists' tasks simpler, faster, and more accurate.  


Quality Policy
Each and every day, we invest in discovery to make people's lives better. Therefore, product quality and safety are among our top business priorities. These priorities guide our actions to provide safe, effective, and high-quality products.

In all our activities, we will commit ourselves to:

Comply with all applicable laws and regulations related to Medical Devices,

Delight our customers beyond their expectations with superior products and services,

Maintain continuous improvement by effective implementation of our quality system,

Provide team working of our employees and involvement of our key partners,

Establish and improve effective communication within the company and with our partners.




Information Security Policy (ISO 27001)
At Virasoft we are committed to information security in order to protect our customers, employees, and partners.

To achieve this, we apply the following principles:

We protect the information assets that Virasoft processes, stores and shares with other parties with confidentiality, integrity and accessibility,

We manage the information assets to determine the security values, needs and the risks of the assets to develop the management system established to implement the controls for security risks and to ensure continuous improvement,

We evaluate the risks arising from our activities in accordance with the vision and mission of the institution, and determining the needs and opportunities for continuous improvement,

We keep up with technological developments and changes in the context of the scope of service,

We comply with all national and international regulations,

We maintain and improve the level of information security over time,

We preserve personal information within the scope of the Personal Data Protection Law,

We carry out trainings that will improve the information security awareness and competencies of the employees,

Each Virasoft employee is responsible for contributing to these goals.

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