Getting an expert second opinion has never been easier. However, today's connected world brings its own challenges. Finding the right equipment and platform to ask your questions and discuss your cases is time-consuming and sometimes might not lead to good outcomes. Virasoft, with its TelePath and ViraCons solutions, aims to make things easier and ensures the best possible experience and quality of service. 


We know how challenging it is to take the picture of those cells through an eyepiece. Searching for an easy-to-use and compatible phone adapter for your microscope doesn’t make your job easier either. With a 3D-printed mobile phone adapter that is exclusively designed for all types of microscopes and a mobile application, TelePath makes obtaining an expert second opinion with your phone a piece of cake.


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Even with slide scanners, obtaining a second opinion on a slide can be complicated in the same institution. Finding a viewer that can also assist you in getting that opinion isn’t as easy as it sounds. ViraCons, with its compatibility with every infrastructure setting and scanner device in any hospital, gives you the chance to discuss your slides in real-time with up to 150 pathologists.

This table has been prepared to give you an idea. Together we can decide which solution will meet the needs of you and/or your institution. Please feel free to contact us. We are very keen to assist you.







*Annotations in Viracons are made on whole slide images obtained from the digital slide scanner. Annotations in Telepath are made on photos obtained from smartphones

**In Viracons, scanned whole slide images are sent.In TelePath, photos taken with your phone from the microscope are sent.

*** Glass slides need to be scanned prior to realtime consultation in ViraCons. In TelePath, no scanning procedures are needed.

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